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Two people can fall in love with each other but can never be together. No matter how hard they try, something is always in the way of their love. Something always comes between them  distance, time, work, religion, other people… anything. Absolutely anything at all. Sometimes, it can even be the two of them. Because some love stories just end even before their final chapter.

But just because it ended, doesn’t mean that their love wasn’t real. Yes, people change.. feelings change. But it doesn’t mean that the love once shared wasn’t true or real. It simply means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.

I know we can’t be together but that won’t stop me from loving you as if we were. I don’t love you because I wanna be in a relationship with you. I wanna be in a relationship with you because I love you. But if I can’t have that, then so be it. Because I love you with or without label. It’s not important that the world has to know about how I feel about you (of course, I’d gladly do so if given the chance), but if the circumstances won’t permit it, then I’ll happily settle with loving you in discreet. I don’t need to let other people know how much I love you. What’s important is that YOU know that I do.. that you know how much you mean to me.

The cliche’ definition of “destiny” can be so overrated, so I’m writing my own. Remember when I keep on telling you before that meeting you was “destiny”? Yeah, that was corny. I know. But think about it, what if I didn’t see you that day? What if I was somewhere else that time? What if I was doing something else at that moment? See? It was destined to happen - that I find you and fall in love at first sight. And with that, I have come to realize that “destiny” in the past is called CHOICES. I made those choices of staying where I was, doing what I was doing that had lead me to finding you. And destiny in the present is called CHANCES. I’m taking the risks and taking the fall. Because I’m taking all these chances to be with you. Destiny in the future tense can remain as it is, DESTINY or FATE or however you prefer it to be. No one can tell what happens next, but you can decide the means of how it will eventually turn out, by learning from the past and using it in the present; choose what you’re willing to take risks for. That’s why I already know my destiny because in my heart I know I’m always choosing you.

TITLE: XO (Beyoncé Cover)
BY: The Role Call

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Sometimes it only needs a match to start a fire.

When you meet someone, it’s sort of magical. You guys would talk nonstop cos you’re in that stage where you want to know about each other more. That stage where your single thought consists of talking to that person, being always around them, or somewhere along those lines. You guys would text all hours of day and enjoy phone calls at night until one of you falls asleep on the phone. When the sun rises, whoever wakes up first sends the first “good morning” text cos the first thing that came to your mind was him/her. This is the stage where you get that tingly sensation all over your body. Those butterflies, too. It’s when you still get nervous around them when you hang out, yet, for some reason, you’re comfortable at the same time. But eventually, you’ll get used to their presence and you’ll adjust easily.

Whether it has happened or it still is, CHERISH IT. Cherish those cute little moments when you guys would do anything just to talk and be together because those won’t last. In the long run, one of you will get tired of it, one of you will slowly drift away. That “spark” that you once had isn’t going to shine as bright as it used to.

Here’s another advice, DON’T TAKE THOSE MOMENTS FOR GRANTED. When you’re both in that flirting stage, make it last long. Just because you already have that person in the palm of your hands, doesn’t mean you’d have to stop adoring them like you used to. There will always be room for improvement, or so they say. For most people, the moment they get what they wanted, they’ll stop trying. That’s when efforts start to lessen and that’s when they get bored. Those quick replies you once got are going to stop. Compared to when you guys first met, they would probably reply to you a little later than usual and then after a while, they won’t even answer anymore. Remember those times when you had your phone in your hands 24/7 cos your days consisted of talking so-and-so? You literally blocked the whole world out just to spend time talking to them. There’s a slim chance for those moments to come back because efforts won’t be the same again. And that talking-on-the-phone-till-one-falls-asleep will eventually stop, too. I bet they would even come up with all the crappiest excuses just to cover it up. Truth be told, there’ll be a time when they would no longer want to talk to you cos they’re tired of doing the same old thing, talking about the same old stuff over and over.

Usually when this happens, almost every relationship ends in the most cliché breakups — the “it’s not you, it’s me” kind of thing. That’s what’s going to hurt. You’re going to feel like you didn’t put enough effort in the relationship when in reality, he/she didn’t. Don’t take it as if you failed — they did. It’s not your loss, it’s theirs. You know you deserve better.

But for some who value their other half than the glory days of their relationship, they will strike a match to make that “spark” into a burning flame. Love can be expressed not just during times of happiness, but especially in times of hardships and trials. The good and bad are only part of a relentless fluctuating cycle. People want love but not many will work for it.

Minsan mahirap na ikaw lang ang nagkakagusto sa isang tao. Kasi kahit ilang beses mong i-convince ang sarili mo hindi mo siya gusto, sarili mo lang ang niloloko mo. Lahat ng parte ng katawan mo kinokontra ka. Kahit may isang milyon kang dahilan kung bakit hindi siya posibleng magkagusto sayo, may isang milyon at kalahati ka namang tanong kung bakit hindi pwede. At kahit alam mong may gusto na siyang iba, hindi mo mapigil ang sarili mong umasa na sana ikaw na lang ‘yung nasa posisyon nung taong ‘yun. Ang swerte.. Ang saya niya siguro sa piling ng taong gusto mo. Pero ang hirap. Ang hirap maging masaya para sa kanila habang ikaw, nag-aantay pa rin na mapansin man lang niya. Isang tingin lang.. Isang ngiti lang, okay ka na. Tapos malalaman mo na lang bigla na sila na pala. Syempre masakit ‘yun. Pero kahit papaano, masaya ka na rin para sa taong gusto mo, dahil nakuha na niya ‘yung gusto niya. Ang problema, hindi nga lang ikaw ‘yun. Pero ayos lang, masaya naman siya. Ang hirap lang talaga na ikaw lang ‘yung nagkakagusto sa isang tao na hindi ka naman gusto.

Minsan mahirap din na ikaw ang gusto ng isang tao na hindi mo naman gusto. Mahirap din isipin na may taong nagkakagusto sayo. Pakiramdam mo hindi ka deserving ng ganung klase ng atensyon. Mahirap ang ganitong sitwasyon kasi ang unfair, na masaya ka sa piling ng iba habang nakikita mo siyang patingin-tingin lang sayo sa malayo. Hindi makalapit, hindi mapakali, hindi makatingin nang maayos. Mahirap na ikaw ‘yung gusto ng isang tao na hindi mo naman gusto kasi alam mong nasasaktan siya pero wala ka namang magagawa. Gusto mo siyang ngitian, lapitan at maging kaibigan pero ayaw mo namang ma-misinterpret niya ang mga ginagawa mo. Mahirap ang mapunta sa ganitong posisyon, kasi alam mo kung ano ang pakiramdam nang magkagusto sa isang tao na hindi ka rin naman gusto. Ang mas masakit e ikaw na mismo ‘yung gumagawa nito sa ibang tao. Ang hirap lang talaga na ikaw ‘yung gusto ng taong hindi mo naman gusto.

Minsan ikaw ‘yung may gusto pero hindi ka naman gusto. Minsan din naman ikaw ‘yung gusto pero hindi mo naman gusto. Pero anong magagawa mo diba? Ganun lang talaga ang takbo ng mundo, hindi lahat ng gusto mo mapapasayo.

It’s nice knowing there are others that feel your pain. It’s sort of comforting to know that you’re not alone. I love those conversations that have two people going like, “Yeah, I know how that feels.” You know, when you understand what the other person is saying? Yeah, that. That sort of lifts a little weight off of your shoulders and it’s really consoling. It’s nice having those type of conversations every once in a while.

  • A: How did you know it was me?
  • R: The way you looked at me. It couldn't have been anyone else.
TITLE: Harlem
BY: New Politics

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Intelligence is attractive.

But witty intelligence is even better.
I like someone who isn’t afraid to tease me and be sarcastic.
I don’t want all our conversations to be serious. What’s the fun in that? 

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Because you’re that person.

I love you. I always have, and always will.

You are the one who can give me butterflies in my stomach, no matter how long it’s been since the last time I saw you. You are the one whose smile can make me drop down on my knees and weaken me defenselessly. When I see you, all I can hear is the sound of my heart breaking again into a billion pieces knowing we can no longer be together.

You’re the one I thought to be “the one”, but you’re not. And it’s gonna take me a very long time to realize that and let it sink in. You’re the one I used to revolve my life around with, and you’re the one who still makes me wonder if I still have the chance to do that. You’re the one who makes me think about what I should have done, or what would have happened if I did this.. or if I hadn’t done that. And I’ll keep on wondering for weeks, months, perhaps even years. You’re the one I thought who wouldn’t even become part of my life but you did, and so did I in yours. Sadly, things have clearly changed now. Because you’re still a big part of me but I am now just a mere memory to you.

You’re the one who will give me bittersweet memories whenever I see you. A million what-ifs that’s going to drive me crazy. I may try to fix things with you but you’ll always keep leaving. Because that’s what you do. That’s what you’re meant to do — to leave. But I’ll miss you like crazy, I’ll do anything to be with you again, but I won’t get the chance. I’ll try to grasp your presence, but all I’ll get are memories from the past.

If I can’t meet someone that can bury the memories of you, you would always stay in me, in my deepest heart and mind, so deep that I wouldn’t consciously notice you’re there. And if I still couldn’t accept the fact that you’re gone, if I still couldn’t make my peace with your leaving, your ghost will haunt my mind forever. Because to me you’re that person..

You’re the one that got away. 

TITLE: Little Games
BY: The Colourist

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I think one of the most important aspects about relationships is fully understanding that it is not meant to be perfect.

Relationships are difficult, complex and they require a lot of hard work and determination. Just like people. I think that each and everyone, regardless how easy-going a person is naturally, could be at one point or another difficult to deal with. Humans are not invulnerable to stress, to anxiety and the pressures of life. We’re perfectly imperfect, just as it reflects the relationships we have with others.

Oftentimes, as people entertain the idea of relationships, they envision a place where they ought to gain something. People often want to find someone that can make them happy. And when that happiness is falling out of place, we find a million and one reasons to let go.

Relationships require lots and lots of perseverance. But just like anything and everything that’s worth it, nothing will ever come easy. 

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